1. Understanding your needs

Ensuring your satisfaction is one of our primary goals at Unique International. To accomplish so, before beginning any manufacturing or production, we take the time to carefully understand and analyse your needs for each order. Every order comes with different requirements and specifications, so we believe this step is crucial. Therefore, our design and production team makes sure every little detail of the product is taken care of. Taking a personalised approach to every order is what allows us to deliver the most accurate and precise goods of the finest calibre. Before starting the final stage of production we go through several rounds of creations for prototypes, salesman samples and more until you are satisfied. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our consumers- whether they are searching for a specific colour, stitching pattern, or type of leather.


2. Sourcing the Best Quality of Leather

After understanding the specifications of each order, we move to the next stage of production which is procuring the leather. We work with cow, sheep, goat leather. We are aware of how important it is to create the best items conceivable using only the best materials. As a result, we always purchase our leather from trustworthy and renowned suppliers and dealers.

Creating products that look and feel amazing is extremely important but along with that, we at Unique do believe being environmentally responsible and conscious is just as important. We only source our leather from tanneries that have received certification from the Leather Working Group (LWG). The LWG rates and certifies tanneries according to their effects on the environment, their use of energy, and their methods for treating water. This certification is a testament to the fact that our suppliers adhere to strict environmental, social, and ethical standards. We only work with gold and silver certified tanneries- depending on your criterias. This ensures that the leather we source is produced in a sustainable and environmentally responsible way. By doing so, we can be certain that the materials we use to make our products are of the greatest quality and were also made in a sustainable manner.


3. Cutting, Skiving & Splitting

At Unique, we understand the importance of precise cutting in the production of high-quality leather goods. To ensure that every piece of leather is cut to the exact specifications needed, we employ specialised equipment and methods. This step in the production process is crucial for ensuring that the size, shape, and appearance of every product we produce are uniform and consistent with the specifications provided by our clients.

Cutting leather used to be a labour-intensive, time-consuming procedure that was typically done by hand. Although this process may result in breathtaking products, it was also prone to faults and irregularities. Today, we cut each piece of leather with the utmost degree of accuracy and precision using cutting-edge equipment and methods. However, we also recognise that handcrafted leather items demand a degree of ability and knowledge that can only be attained through extensive practise, training and experience. At Unique, legacy and history play a key role as we believe in preserving the beauty of handcrafted leather goods. For this reason, we work with expert artisans who are well-versed with the properties and understand leather in and out. To ensure that every product we produce is of the finest quality, they contribute their experience and knowledge to every stage of the production process, from cutting to the final stitching of the products.

The process of splitting and skiving involves carefully splitting the leather into thinner pieces and skiving the edges to create a seamless and smooth finish. This process is critical in ensuring that the leather is flexible and durable, while also providing a clean and attractive appearance. In addition to improving the look and feel of the leather, splitting and skiving also enhances its functionality. By making the leather thinner and more flexible, it becomes easier to work with, which is essential in the production of products like handbags, wallets, and other leather goods.


4. The Final Creation

The leather pieces are put together to create the finished product after going through several rounds of quality inspections. Every seam and thread is carefully checked by our skilled team to ensure that every product is of the greatest quality and standards. Finally, if necessary, we apply colour to the leather to enhance the finished product and bring out its inherent beauty. The last step is the finishing stitch, which binds the object together and gives it the unique finishing touch!

We work diligently to ensure that every product we produce is of the highest quality and precisely fits the requirements of our clients at every stage of the production process. Look no further than Unique, if you’re seeking a partner who is dedicated to making goods that are both beautiful and of great quality, comprehends your unique needs, and is environmentally conscious. We are the ideal partner for all of your leather goods needs thanks to our commitment to quality, our knowledge, our attention to detail, and—most importantly—our incredibly talented and diligent team of artisans.