At Unique, we strongly believe that a greener planet and an ethical and sustainable workspace are essential to ensure the success of any business. We are constantly striving to incorporate environmentally friendly practices throughout all stages of our manufacturing process.


Sustainable Style and Fashion

Busting the myth that faux leather is better for the planet than real leather is important to understand. While synthetic materials may appear to be a more environmentally friendly option, they are actually made from non-renewable resources and petrochemicals. This manufacturing process not only contributes to the depletion of finite resources but also creates harmful emissions. On the other hand, real leather is made from a natural and renewable resource, hides, that are a by-product of the food industry. The process of producing and tanning leather has also improved in recent years, reducing the environmental impact of production. Additionally, real leather has a longer lifespan and ages gracefully,reducing the need for frequent replacements. The end of life for real leather can also be more sustainable, with hides being biodegradable and often recyclable. The message is clear, real leather is not only a durable and long-lasting material but can also be a more environmentally friendly choice when compared to synthetic materials.


Conscious consumption

At our company, we believe in the power of conscious consumption. We understand that every purchase we make has an impact on the world around us, and we are committed to doing our part to make that impact a positive one. Our focus on conscious consumption drives us to create products that are not only beautiful and functional, but also sustainable and long-lasting. By avoiding waste and producing products that are built to last, we aim to minimise our impact on the environment and promote a more responsible and mindful approach to consumption. Whether it’s through our sourcing practices, production processes, or end-of-life solutions, we are dedicated to making a difference and working towards a more sustainable future.